Our AARR Team has been gearing up for participating in more community outreach through our B-WET-funded Crossing the Channel Mentoring Program.  For two weeks, beginning March 7, the Robert J. Frank Middle School students will learn and discover the possibilities of underwater exploration and benefits of research through the use of underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).  Not only do they get to learn about these vehicles, but they actually get to build their own out of PVC pipe and deploy them in water to complete assigned tasks.

Our team has been putting kits together and came up with a new design for this year.

All semester our Team has been working diligently to finish the build of 8 Pufferfish Mate control boards and the complete wiring of the motors.  These control boards will allow the students to maneuver their ROVs when they are deployed in water.


As I type this, our Team’s 3D printers are humming and buzzing as they synthesize the motor mounts for these ROVs.

20160302_175921     20160302_175932 

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