Drone Poll

Our AARR team in collaboration with our ESRM 370: Introduction to Remotely Piloted Systems annually surveys the general public about their experience with and attitudes towards Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka UAVs or simply “drones”).

Our results page is currently not viewable to minimize potential influences on folks taking this year’s poll.  Those results will be made publicly available again (with the 2019 data added in to boot) after the conclusion of this year’s data collection (by May of 2019).

For now, please consider taking one of our surveys being conducted across southern California!

Please consider taking our 5th Annual Poll exploring public perception of aerial drones. This survey is totally anonymous and requires no particular knowledge of or experience with drones and takes roughly 9 minutes to complete. This survey is crafted by our students here at California State University Channel Islands. The results from which will be published in a May once we have had a chance to QA/QC the data.