Weekly Meeting

Paul & Blake AARR PIRatE Lab 10-07-14 copy
Paul & Blake assembling one of our Open ROVs in the PIRatE Lab. October 7, 2014.

Our Aerial and Aquatic Robotic Research group works all them time, often on our students’ individual schedules after they have an established history with out group.  New additions to our team often need more guidance and help.  As such, we have a fixed meeting time each week where our group gets together to learn, assemble, service, and create our robotic platforms we deploy across the coastal zones of California and Pacific.

AARR Weekly Check-In

(mandatory 10 minute meeting)

Sierra Hall 2314 • folks out of time or in their field should Zoom in to our meeting.

Fridays noon

AARR Weekly Meeting

Spring 2019

Sierra Hall 2314

(aka the ESRM Tech Lab)

Mondays 3 to 6pm

Fridays noon to 3pm

2014 AARR Team in our old Modoc Lab Facility.