It has been quite the busy season for us! As mentioned before, we are working to release a 7 video series of our trip to Santa Rosa Island. As mentioned in the previous post, due to some hardware issues the videos have been delayed, but the team has kept going full steam!


From left to right: Blake, Ryan, Alex, Chris, Jessica, Tim, Paul, Rebecca and Justin
The AARR happily welcomes 4 new members to the team for a total of 10 members!
Alex – Environmental Science and Resource Management

Justin – Biology

Ryan – Environmental Science

Tim – Computer Science

We have been working hard to support our two main studies Marine Protected Area Surveys on Santa Rosa Island, and quantitative analysis of ROV platforms. There is another expedition planned to Santa Rosa Island next month!

We have a few more ROV based projects that will soon be launched, including the resurrection of the Phantom 500 ROV, studying the reactions of fish to ROVs based upon appearance (which includes disguising our ROVs like fish!), adding additional sensors (such as sonar and water chemistry), performing phytoplankton surveys and more!

The CSU Chanel Islands “Crossing the Channel” STEM outreach program is in the second phase where the team will be working with middle and high school students and building ROVs, along with teaching the high school students how to answer research questions with ROVs, and piloting our OpenROVs!

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