We are nearing the release of our 2016 Drone Poll Results!!!

By way of prep, I am curious as to what you all think about our potential mapping output formats.  The underlying data represented in these draft graphs isn’t important at this point.  Rather, I am curious as to which you all think is the best representation of geospatial data for the web:

Option 1: Cluster

Option 2: Heatmap

Option 3: Bubble

Let us know what you think (Option 1, 2, or 3).

9 thoughts on “Which Map Do You Like Best?”

  1. Depends on the audience and the message. Since you asked about the general public, I think the heatmap is most intuitive. From a technical perspective, I prefer the cluster because I think it is a more precise representation of the data. The bubble map sucks! Hard to read, hard to interpret, and generally misrepresent the data (in my opinion)

  2. It really depends on the type of data being displayed. The cluster has the advantage of numeric quantities being included, but the heat map may be more meaningful where the numeric values are much larger.

  3. I believe the ‘heat map’ is the quickest and easiest method to convey the overview (big picture) results. The ‘heat map’ helps focus the attention.

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