Today marked our second weekly AARR meeting since our lead technician Paul Spaur moved on to his new career.  Despite missing Paul, he luckily left our lab in pristine working order and left us with little to repair.  Our goal for this meeting was to finish up our Pufferfish ROV control boxes for our B-WET mentoring program.  Happily we were quite productive, and our lab session proved to be an overall a success!

Dr. Anderson and President Rush addressing our ESRM 370 class in our Tech Lab in Sierra Hall.

Our AARR lab is continuing to grow with new students joining us from the ranks of our ESRM 370: Introduction to Remotely Piloted Systems class.  That ESRM 370 class session today was very special, starting with an inspiring speech and visit from CSUCI’s President Rush.  After President Rush spoke, we had an informative presentation regarding the legal side of UAVs given to us by Jonathan Rupprecht via teleconference from Florida.


The AARR lab is looking forward to new projects in the coming weeks including more mapping, building, and of course soldering!

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