Two of our AARR team members, Chris and Blake, have already been deployed to Santa Rosa Island!  They left this Tuesday, March 3rd, and are running transects on the island to survey MPAs. They are using two of our Open ROVs, the 2.7 units. 

Paul and the remainder team will be deploying the intertidal system next Tuesday. They will be using a heavily modified 2.6 unit. 


Today Paul, Rebecca and Tim are working feverishly to get the last ROVs ready for the trip.

They repairing an old ROV and building a brand new ROV, which (Paul and Co) will be deploying when they head to Santa Rosa Island on Tuesday March 10.

With one of the brand new 2.7 ROV, the team is adding the newly acquired Blue Robotics thrusters, which hopefully will help in the harsh salt water conditions that our ROVs are deployed in regularly.

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