A hearty hello from the ROV team! We have some updates for you. All of our current ROVs are completed, the most recent, the trigger fish is functioning well, we will be epoxying the camera to waterproof it, and then all will be ready for quantitative ability testing.

We will be performing some modifications to some of our ROVs

  • New battery box which uses the OpenROVs batteries in the MATE ROVs
  • New upgraded battery end caps and new e-capsule end caps and rewire on Bucket. (OpenROV #1)
  • Four new hybrid stainless ceramic bearings to replace the old ones on Scoop. (OpenROV #2)
  • New tether management.
  • New endcap strap for Bucket

The new tether management consists of a wire spool with a rod in the center, and a slip ring which allows 6 wires to maintain continuous contact while turning. This will allow the wire to never get tangled. Also with having 6 wires, that allows us to change to a cat-5 type tether.


We also are installing a new Subsea waterproof tether disconnect so we can have an even more stiff tail on the tether, and so we can have breakaway insurance if we really need it. It also makes storage and changing tethers much easier.

IMG_1015 IMG_1014

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