Our team has been relatively quiet as the members have been focusing on their individual research summaries, final projects, and preparing our laboratory move this summer! We unfortunately are losing Christopher Wells and Blake Swendrowski from the team, but they will be staying on as volunteers!

The laboratory will be moving to a brand new, research facility at our school — Sierra Hall. In this new lab there will be two focused labs: robotics / environmental sensing, and field science. The robotics / sensing side will consist of our ROVs, UAVs, water sensors and much more. The field side (the dirty one) will have our sandy beach, intertidal, coastal and estuarine monitoring.

Also on the map for this summer is our trip to the Cook Islands. Our collaborators from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK are going to try to tag along. We will be looking at the coral reefs that surround Rarotonga and Aitutaki and we hope to find some really near fluorescent proteins which can be analyzed and used in medical imaging, and other biochemistry applications!

Credit: Plymouth Marine Laboratory

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