Hi All,

Over the past few weeks, here at CI, we have run into several road bumps to complete the processing of projects that require Pix4D. To run Pix4D you need A LOT of processing power from your computer including ample amounts of storage and at least 32GB RAM. First we had to upgrade our storage capacity by adding an external hard drive. Then we had to tighten up our SOP for processing large projects to minimize storage space. Overall this gave us more space to store our many projects.  The next road bump we hit was due to over processing which damaged the RAM slot on the motherboard. Our solution to this was to increase the RAM from 16GB to 32GB to assist processing.

As of right now we have successfully installed the new RAM and we are hopeful that we will not run into more processing problems.

Thank you to my tech wizards that helped troubleshoot the issue and solved the problem: Chase, Tim & Danny. You are awesome!

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