ESRM 370-Drone Mapping

This will be our homebase for our exploration of Structure from Motion mapping efforts.

Introduction to Structure from Motion

Structure from Motion (SfM), a photogrammetric technique that uses overlapping 2D images to interpolate and construct 3D surface models over which those original images will be re-projected (“stretched” over), has become a valuable research tool in geodesy, geomorphology, landscape ecology, environmental impact assessment, disaster response, and related disciplines. Images can be collected with a standard consumer-grade camera, making SfM a low-cost tool that complements other 3D imaging technologies, such as terrestrial and airborne laser scanning (LIDAR). SfM can be collected from a handheld camera or an airborne platform such as an aircraft, tethered balloon, kite, or UAS (unpiloted aerial system), enabling 3D imaging of features ranging in size from decimeters to several kilometers.

SfM Tool#1: Open Drone Map (ODM)

ODM Installation and Getting Started

This section is excerpted and modified with permission from OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide, by Piero Toffanin.

Installers for OpenDroneMap are available for purchase from UAV4Geo, and are the easiest way to get started and come with support.

That said, OpenDroneMap is a free and open source ecoystem. Community support is available for those looking to install themselves and directions are found in this how-to manual:

Aerial Drone Mapping Runs-Image Set #1

This is an example of a suite of images collected from an airborne drone which can be used to craft of 3D model of the ground/surface topography.